I grew up watching the Brat Pack and memorizing all the lines. So did my husband. We speak fluent Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Joseph and I geeked out over our shared love for Weird Science before we even began dating. And of course there is Some Kind of Wonderul.

I was hanging out with you fungi in a vain effort to cool you out, but since all I’m getting is breeze, c’est la vie.

Maddie Corman as Laura Nelson

I sometimes forget that these actors have real lives. It is so easy to see the characters they play, fall in love with their role, and quietly assume their life is devoid of difficulty. Maybe we see their marital triumphs and woes splashed about in the magazine stand at the grocery store. But gritty life doesn’t appear to touch them.

Corman shares about her upcoming NY play, Accidentally Brave on The View

I have no way of going to see Corman’s play in New York so I can’t give any kind of personal opinion on it. But I resonate with her and feel a bizarre, kindred sisterhood with this total stranger. Her life appeared normal and even enviable. This wasn’t supposed to happen to her world. I appreciate your realness that she is still in the middle of this nightmare. I can’t say enough positive things for her response to the question, “How can you stay with your husband?” She quietly replied that five years ago, I probably would have also responded with, whaaa? but then it happens to your children and your family.

And this gem:
I gave someone a chance, who I love, and who I believe was sick, to get well.

There is so much effort to bring sexual offense into the spotlight so that we can address it and end it. I hope that we also begin seeing more stories like this one. Maddie Corman and her husband Jace are helping show the other side of this coin. That perpetrators need our help, too. Not the help that comes from turning a blind eye and refusing to acknowledge that what they did was horrific. But honest help that truly believes some people are able to change.