Mama to Both

walking a journey through sexual abuse and healing in a faith-filled family



I love Jesus. I adore my husband. I cherish my seven children. We are broken, but we are redeemed.


It's time for new neighbors


Please don't say congratulations


Asher is home

Vessels of Wrath

We trust God with our lives and believe Him for guidance

“Stressed Out”

Stress that hides a secret


The vote is unanimous

A Dubious Honor

The longest detainee of JCF

Vulnerability of Joy

Gratitude is what allows us to experience happiness

The Gospel: For Both The Abused & Abuser

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”Romans 10:13 Dear Asher,I’m excited that you’ve changed and that you want to come home. You were a bad brother and leader. You weren’t nice in many ways.... Continue Reading →

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