Joseph picked up this treasure of a book this past weekend. Our youth pastor holds a quarterly meeting for the parents of teens in our church and provides encouragement and resources for different aspects of teenage life. While perusing the book table at the back of the room, Joseph’s eye caught this small (it just about fits in the palm of your hand) book with its rather shocking title.

Last night, we read the entire thing in a single sitting.

We were both blown away by the boldness, biblical accuracy, and profound compassion shown by the author Sam Allberry. Sam, a dynamic and active Christian who serves as an associate pastor for his church in England, as well as ministering on the board for Ravi Zacharias Ministries, struggles with SSA (same-sex attraction). His personal story of coming to understand the bible’s commandment for heterosexual marriage, purpose in male-female relationships, and the brokenness of our world combines into a beautiful tale of Jesus’ love for all people – gay, straight, or questioning.

To say Joseph and I were encouraged would be a gross understatement. But more than anything, our focus was recalibrated to keep the main thing the main thing. Asher’s questioning sexuality is a heartache for us. But even more important is whether Asher believes and accepts the very great offer of salvation bought by Christ alone.

I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone claiming to love Jesus and called to a hurting world (which should be anyone claiming to love Jesus). Although simple and short, I believe it will speak to a depth heretofore unknown in many of our hearts on this subject. And for anyone who is gay, SSA, or questioning – or for anyone with a loved one that identifies as such – I implore you to read this book immediately. I do not believe you will regret it.